Breakfast Session Abstracts

Education Transformation with Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture

Dave West, Cisco

For 30 years, together, we have built digital infrastructure to help achieve operational excellence, IT department agility, employee work location flexibility and enter new markets. The techniques and tools used to build these systems have stood for decades. However, the rapid growth and breadth of user devices (and their expectations), exponential bandwidth demands and explosion of telemetry devices have challenged the 30 year status quo.

Watch this video to learn how Deakin University’s Smart Campus is enabled by Cisco DNA.

Dell and Nutanix present The Incredible Shrinking Data Center

Convergence of technology domains is leading to unprecedented density and integration.  Ultra-dense infrastructure will be creatively deployed to engage an application-and analytics-rich world

Dell HPC Systems & Machine Learning

How to build a private research cloud and make it easy – including HPC, file systems, and real-life examples of machine learning algorithms using the Nvidia Deep Learning toolkits.

Great Wi-Fi is just the start: unlocking value with Secure On-boarding, Location Services and Analytics

An entire generation today has grown up in a primarily digital world. Computers, the Internet, mobile phones, texting, social networking — all are second nature to them. The new ‘Digital Natives’ are coming to your campus now, and they expect to connect all their devices any time and any where on campus. This shift has created what some are calling ‘The Lifestyle Arms Race’ – a rethinking of student experience – of how students study, how they learn and how they live to attract and retain students. And Great Wi-Fi is just the start, but having services that combine this to engage students in the campus life, while allowing your IT team to better manage and serve their needs are critical. So come join the Ruckus Workshop for a discussion on

1. High density solutions for campus networking
2. Simplifying and Securing the Campus
3. Leveraging location services to enable student and visitor services
4. Analystics and Network Monetization

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