Maser, Silver Sponsor



Maser is an Australian owned specialist network IT provider that has been helping Australian Customers optimise their communication networks for over 30 years. Maser’s NetworkIQ group provides universities with the ability to manage their data networks more intelligently for applications such as Data Retention, Fraud Reduction, Bandwidth Control, Security and Network Management.

This year Maser will be showcasing a range of networking solutions including: Procera Networks, offering unrivalled visibility into network performance and subscriber analytics to allow you to deal with network issues such as congestion and billing; SevOne, providing a single pane of glass for logs, metrics and flows for real-time reporting to help prevent network outages; and Aizoon, an innovative malware behavioural identification system. Aramis enhances the capabilities of teams focused on threat prevention & prediction, by providing timely intelligence.

Maser will also be using the Procera solution to generate a summary of internet traffic, connections, applications used and websites visited at the show – so drop by to reserve your copy

So come and talk to us about how we help universities “See More. Do More”.


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