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Crestron ANZ Pty Ltd is a newly formed business establishing a local presence for Crestron Electronics, New Jersey, USA. Crestron Electronics Inc. has over 90 offices around the globe, including our Crestron ANZ HQ in Sydney and offices in most States & Territories around Australia.

Crestron solutions have been shaped by more than four decades of innovation, as the company has evolved across many industries, gaining strength and expertise through diversity.

The amount of technology in buildings is rapidly growing and changing. The most significant change is that everything now resides on the network: audio, video, voice, data, lighting, security, digital signage, Building Management Systems (BMS), shades and HVAC systems. The design and implementation of these technologies however is typically done independently. As a result, each one operates on a separate platform, adding many layers of complexity for the user and inefficiency to the Facility and Technology Managers. Crestron builds the technology that integrates all of the disparate systems and devices onto a single open platform so they can communicate and work together intelligently. We provide the only solution that enables you to monitor, manage, and control everything from one enterprise grade platform, anywhere, anytime, using touch screens, remotes, and smart devices.

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